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Posted on November 19, 2019

Tex. woman convicted for creating sick 'animal crush' videos - NY .Sep 10, 2015 . A Texas woman who filmed stomach-churning fetish videos of herself torturing and killing puppies, kittens and chickens has been convicted of the cruel crimes, federal officials said Tuesday. Ashley Nicole Richards, 24, pleaded guilty to making and distributing disturbing "animal crush" videos, in which.crush fetish small animals,Houston Woman Convicted of Producing and Distributing Animal .Sep 8, 2015 . People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) defines the “crush” fetish as a cruel and illegal genre of pornography in which women are videotaped or photographed mutilating small animals for the sexual gratification of viewers. In crush fetish materials, women are depicted, usually barefoot or in high.

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YouTube Won't Ban A Guy Who Crushes Animals to Death (Update .

Mar 17, 2016 . Crush fetish videos like these are more than just gruesome, appalling, and in violation of YouTube's platform guidelines. The creation and distribution of “crush” videos involving the harming of animals is illegal—under the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010—and punishable by up to 7 years in.

Ashley Nicole Richards: Texas Woman Convicted Of Torturing .

Sep 10, 2015 . Ashley Nicole Richards is accused of torturing and killing small animals during the production of fetish films. In a statement provided by the Department of Justice officials confirmed the 24-year-old woman admitted performing in and distributing the disturbing films. Persons with a “crush” fetish gain sexual.

Teenage in shocking animal abuse and mutilation case are .

Jan 20, 2017 . Animal protection campaigner Anastasia Fedyanina had urged the Investigative Committee to examine whether the animals were killed as part of a 'hard crush' sexual fetish with videos of young women slaughtering animals supplied to China. Alina Orlova. Orlova, a university student, posted a social.

Obama signs law banning 'crush videos' depicting animal cruelty .

Dec 10, 2010 . President Barack Obama has signed a law that specifically bans so-called "crush videos" -- depictions of small animals being tortured to death by humans. . The videos apparently satisfy a sexual fetish for those who produce and watch them, said animal rights activists who supported the new bill.

Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010 - Wikipedia

The Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010, Pub.L. 111–294, 124 Stat. 3177, enacted December 9, 2010, was a United States law that addressed the banning of depictions of cruelty to animals to satisfy a crush fetish. The bill, H.R. 5566, was introduced by Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA), and primarily modifies 18 U.S.C..

Squash Rackets | Psychology Today

Aug 27, 2014 . Crush fetishism is a sexual fetish in which an individual derives sexual arousal from watching (or fantasizing about) someone of the opposite crushing items (e.g., toys, cigarettes, mobile phones, laptops), food (e.g., fruit), and (in extreme cases) small animals and insects. But what do we know about this.

crush fetish small animals,

Long Island Case Sheds Light On Animal-Mutilation Videos - The .

Jan 25, 2000 . But the authorities say Mr. Capriola was a maker of so-called crush videos, which cater to a male sexual fetish in which viewers become aroused by watching women, usually in high heels, stomp on small animals. Mr. Capriola, they say, filmed friends as they killed hundreds of small animals, then.

Testimony of Nancy Perry Vice President for Government Affairs .

Sep 15, 2010 . organization has ever encountered. In a typical animal crush video, a scantily-clad, high-heeled woman or young is seen stomping, squishing, and impaling an animal to death for the titillation of viewers with a sexual fetish for animal crushing. The animals are often secured to the ground so they cannot.

Woman pleads guilty to producing, distributing animal crush videos .

Sep 8, 2015 . The successor law focuses more narrowly on crush videos, which appeal to a certain fetish by displaying the torture and killing of small animals, often by women using stiletto heels. The new law ties the crime to animal cruelty and to obscenity, which the Court has long placed outside the protection of the.

House GOPer Links Illegal Immigration to Animal Snuff Films .

Feb 1, 2011 . But his other pet issue is animal cruelty. For years, he has campaigned against so-called “animal-crush” fetish videos, “where small—and sometimes large—animals were crushed to death under the stiletto heels or bare feet of scantily clad women for the sexual excitement of the viewer,” as Gallegly himself.

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A crush fetish is a fetish and a paraphilia in which one is sexually aroused when someone crushes objects, toys, food, or any sorth of animals with . Animal crush videos generally feature, but do not limit themselves to, small live animals, such as kittens, puppies, mice and bunnies being slowly tortured in the most horrific.

How predators are exploiting our children in plain sight - Kidspot

Dec 8, 2016 . To the it's funny and a bit weird, but to anyone who knows anything about a Crush fetish, it's seriously bad news. A crush fetish is a fetish in which one is sexually aroused when someone crushes objects, food, and sometimes small animals (frequently insects) with their body, usually under their foot.

Judge rules animal snuff films protected by Constitution | Greener Ideal

May 24, 2013 . Animal snuff films, also known as animal crush videos, depict extreme torture and violence toward animals as a sexual fetish for viewers and became a . to be little doubt anymore about the notion that a person's capacity for empathy can be eroded,” Charles Siebert writes in The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome.


Jun 19, 2010 . END ANIMAL CRUSH VIDEOSAnimal crush videos are videos of small animals, such as puppies, kittens, and bunnies, slowly being tortured in the . Animal crush videos are made for a specific customer with an unusual sexual fetish and there is also increased demand for such material for the shock value.

'Crush' Case Shows the Importance of Blowing the Whistle on .

Nov 30, 2012 . Crush videos depict women torturing animals to death to satisfy the sexual fetishes of those who watch them. PETA's . as young as 12. Scantily clad young were forced to torture and kill animals, including by ramming a stiletto heel into a monkey's eye and cutting off rabbits' ears with scissors.


Jun 19, 2010 . END ANIMAL CRUSH VIDEOSAnimal crush videos are videos of small animals, such as puppies, kittens, and bunnies, slowly being tortured in the . Animal crush videos are made for a specific customer with an unusual sexual fetish and there is also increased demand for such material for the shock value.

FBI Cracks Down On "Crush" Videos That Show Puppies Being .

Oct 17, 2016 . "Crush" videos feature footage of animals being tortured, dismembered, and killed to satisfy the sexual fetishes of viewers. . Gras mask and little else as she used meat cleavers, tools, and high-heeled shoes to torture — and sometimes urinate on — the animals while making sexual comments.

Crush | Tsem Rinpoche

Jan 29, 2011 . If you ever see any videos of animals being crushed…they are not isolated incidents. It is all part of a market called Crush Fetish. Crush Fetish is.

crush fetish small animals,

Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act

In so-called “crush videos,” individuals viciously torture, mutilate, and kill small animals to satisfy the bizarre fetishes of viewers. In 2010, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act (PL 111-294),1 banning the creation and distribution of these videos. This was a crucial step to take.

Crush Videos Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc.

"Crush" fetish videos also called "squish" videos generally depict a woman, often in stiletto heels, stepping on small animals such as rodents and kittens. Crush videos are typically sold over the Internet for anywhere between $20 to $300 a piece. A 1999 federal law aimed at ending the trade in these videos and prosecuting.

3 crush wailing puppy to death | Inquirer Technology

Oct 3, 2013 . “Crush videos” are sexual fetish films in which small animals are maimed or killed through extreme brutality. Cruelty to animals is punishable under Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act of 1998. “Crush videos” first surfaced in the Philippines in 2011 as scantily clad crushing to death small.

People v. Thomason (2000) :: :: California Court of Appeal Decisions .

3 Known as crush videos, they are fetish videos in which small animals are taunted, maimed, tortured and ultimately crushed to death under the heel of a shoe or bare feet of a provocatively dressed woman. The live animals are stepped on until their intestines and innards are torn apart, then disemboweled after which the.

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